If you are interested in having a personally designed Workshop or Learning Lab at your location, please send me a message on the CONTACT page for further details. 

Workshops typically run three consecutive days and are designed to advance the artist's technical ability in a specific medium, i.e. Drawing, Oil Painting and Watercolor.





Learning Labs are designed to give artists an opportunity to experiment with new techniques and materials. Labs encourage artists to move beyond their comfort zone and  STRETCH principles are embedded into the Learning Lab.

The following STRETCH Principles were developed by Laurie Szilvagyi in an effort to foster Inspiration, Creativity, Innovation, and Exploration.

SYMBOLISM – Include elements that add interest and content to your work; storytelling.

TRUST & TIME - Give yourself Time to explore thru Deliberate Practice and discover new approaches and/or capture a moment in time.

RISK TAKING - Reach beyond typical ways of creativity; allow elements of chance to occur.

EXPERIMENTATION  - Experiment with a new tool, medium, art genre, or technical skill.

TRACK - Keep records, set goals, leave tracks…talk and document your experience for others to learn.

CHALLENGE - Grow thru the ‘process’ and commit to exhibit your work.

HEIGHTEN  AWARENESS - Share Lessons Learned.  Bring awareness to viewers through content, facts, emotions, and/or senses.