Laurie Szilvagyi is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas and a Signature Member of the Tennessee Watercolor Society.  She has been dedicated to drawing, watercolor and oil painting.  Her work has been recognized in national and international  exhibits where she has received numerous awards and presented with the Grumbacher Gold Medallion.  Laurie was the President of the Tellico Art Guild for two years where she shared her STRETCH philosophy through Learning Labs and a variety of workshops.  Her artwork is held in private collections and can be viewed on Facebook and Instagram.


Laurie enjoys having some sort of narrative in her realistic still life art.  She has taken a variety of watercolor workshops with nationally recognized artists, e.g. Laurin McCracken, Paul Jackson and Anne Abgott.


She is actively involved in workshops at the ANI Art Academy in Pennsylvania for realistic oil painting under the mentorship of Anthony Waichulis.  She has an ongoing mentorship under Anthony through workshops and biweekly Skype sessions with ten other artists from around the world. Workshops with Sadie Valeri Atelier in San Francisco and Cindy Procious in Chattanooga have given her a great foundation in oil painting.


Recently, Laurie has been teaching workshops in Tennessee since retiring from a fifteen-year business career.  Laurie's teaching style is fun and expressive with written exercises and a formal presentation.  Laurie demonstrates the same professionalism in her art Workshops as she did as a Certified Management Consultant leading large system change projects for a major utility in Michigan.